KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A sandwich shop in the Halls community of Knox County received the lowest score this week with 11 violations being checked off during the inspection.

Big Orange Philly’s on Maynardville Pike in North Knoxville received a 70 which is just one point above failing as any grade below 70 is considered failing.

Big Orange Philly’s, Maynardville Pike, Knoxville — grade: 70; follow-up grade: 96

The inspector observed kitchen workers not washing their hands properly. So, they were instructed by the inspector about the rules. In addition, the hand sink in the kitchen, where workers are supposed to wash and dry their hands, wasn’t working properly.

Also, when the inspector checked, the chicken was at 93 degrees. That’s not hot enough. There’s more, raw food was found stored over ready to eat food. That creates the possibility of cross-contamination of bacteria-filled juices from the raw food possibly dripping onto the prepared food.

In the three-compartment sink, where pots and pans are washed, cleaned and sanitized, there was no sanitizer being used.

Finally, there was no person in charge of the restaurant at the time of the inspection. However, there is supposed to be a manager present.

The health inspector has returned to Big Orange Philly’s the place has been re-inspected, the original critical violations were corrected, and the new grade is a 96.

Top scores of the week:

  • The Kitchen at Maple Hall on Gay Street in Knoxville — 100
  • Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern on Gay Street in Knoxville — 100
  • Duncan’s Cafe on Locust Street in Knoxville — 100
  • Captain D’s on Maynardville Highway in Knoxville — 100
  • Krystal on Maynardville Highway — 100
  • Verardi’s on the Lake in Dandridge — 100
  • Smoky Mountain Pancake House on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge — 99
  • Farmhouse Family Restaurant on Ohio Avenue in Etowah — 99