KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The low-scoring restaurant serves a wide variety of favorite foods while specializing in craft beers. The inspector found several critical health violations in his report.

The grade is a 76 at the Pint House, in North Knoxville on Merchants Drive. That 76 is a passing score. A grade of 69 and below is considered failing.

Pint House, 815 Merchants Drive, Knoxville — Grade: 76, Follow-up Grade: 97

To begin with, the temperature of some food in the cooler was too warm. 41 degrees and below is the safe cool temperature to kill bacteria growth.

The inspector also found no date-marking system in place. To assure freshness, the date of first use is required to be marked down for all ready-to-eat food and the food must be discarded after seven days to prevent the potential for foodborne illness.

When he checked inside the cooler, the inspector found bulk food items stored without a lid on top of each container of food. The report added that most of the items in the cooler had no lid. Lids are required to prevent potential food contamination.

Finally, the inspector writes that the cooler doors, floors and multiple surfaces in the kitchen were covered in grease. He also wrote that the entire kitchen was dirty.

Since its initial inspection, the inspector returned to the Pint House for a follow-up. All of the original violations were corrected and the new grade is a 97.

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Restaurant health inspections are conducted every six months and represent a “snapshot” of conditions at the time of the inspection.