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Dishwasher without sanitizer among problems at lowest scoring restaurants

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - Both of this week's low scoring restaurants received health inspection grades in the 70s. Quite a few risk factors were recorded by the inspectors that could potentially lead to foodborne illness.

Asian Hibachi, 7741 Northshore Drive - Grade: 74

A grade below 70 is considered unsanitary by the health department.

The inspector wrote that multiple food products about to be served were spoiled by mold. The food was immediately thrown away.

Checking the dishwasher, there was no sanitizer running through it, which defeats the purpose of washing, cleaning and sanitizing dishes and utensils.

The inspector checked a hand sink and it was blocked with a bunch of kitchen stuff in it. It's difficult to wash your hands that way.

Returned food was also being held in the kitchen.

Asian Hibachi will be reinspected soon.

More online: Read this week's full inspection reports [PDF]

Downtown Deli, 8005 Gay Street - Original Grade: 79, New Grade: 98

When the manager was asked about employee health practices, he was unaware of them. However, he's supposed to know them. The inspector did some on-the-spot instruction.

In the kitchen, employee drink cups were stored over food. You can't do that. You don't want those drinks accidentally spilling onto food.

Employees were seen eating in the food preparation area. They're supposed to eat in separate areas away from your food.

Top Scores of the Week:

  • Chesapeake's, 500 Henley Street - Grade: 100
  • Boyd's Jig and Reel, 101 S. Central Street - Grade: 100
  • Hanna's Cafe, 102 S. Central Street - Grade: 100
  • Cracker Barrel, 5001 Central Avenue Pike - Grade: 100
  • Sweet P's BBQ Downtown Dive, 410 Jackson Avenue - Grade: 100
  • Rankin Restaurant, 2200 N. Central Avenue - Grade: 100 
  • Balter Beerworks, 100 Broadway - Grade: 100
  • DaVinci's, 113 S. Central Street - Grade; 100
  • Jason's Deli, 2120 Cumberland Avenue - Grade: 100
  • Hibachi Factory, 1815 Cumberland Avenue - Grade: 100
  • Tennessee Tap House, 350 N. Peters Road - Grade: 100
  • Arby's, 7000 Maynardville Pike - Grade: 100

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