Food temperatures, other problems earn 2 East Tennessee restaurants same health score

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Inspectors pay close attention to more than two dozen items that could potentially cause foodborne illness. They check to determine how food is protected, whether food temperatures are correct, the cleanliness of the kitchen and proper employee hygiene.

Anaba Japanese Cuisine, 9405 S. Northshore Drive – Original Grade: 75, New Grade: 100

A grade below 70 is considered unsanitary.

The inspector writes the cook touched ready-to-eat food with his bare hands. He’s required to wear gloves whenever handling food.

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Also, the cook did not wash his hands after touching raw food and then handling ready-to-eat food. Raw food is filled with bacteria. As a result, hand washing is required every time after handling it. 

Vacuum packed raw fish was found in the refrigerator. Raw fish is required to be frozen first to kill bacteria.

A kitchen hand sink was being used as a service sink. Consequently, workers couldn’t wash their hands.

The inspector returned and the new grade is a perfect 100.

Three Jimmy’s, 1359 E. Parkway, Gatlinburg – Grade: 75

That’s a passing grade, but there were violations. 

The inspector found no sanitizer running through the dishwasher, but it’s required. When the inspector asked the manager to check the supply, the sanitizer bucket was empty. 

Out of date food was found in the refrigerator. Some meat for pizza was dated February 16, which was way overdue to be thrown away. Once opened and the date is marked, ready-to-eat food is supposed to be eaten within seven days. The meat was thrown away.

Food temperatures were off. Pulled pork ready to be served as at 72 degrees. That’s way too cool. A temperature of 135 or above is the correct hot temperature to kill bacteria growth.

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