KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Several health violations including improper thawing of seafood and poultry, as well as the lack of soap, were found at a Morristown restaurant during a recent inspection.

Golden Dragon, 3325 W. Andrew Johnson Highway, Morristown — grade: 75; follow-up: 91

The grade is a 75 at the Golden Dragon on West Andrew Johnson Highway. That is a passing score. Any grade below 70 is considered failing. The health inspector has already had a follow-up inspection at the restaurant.

The health inspector found frozen shrimp thawing in the mop sink. The shrimp were removed immediately. Frozen raw chicken was also found left out to thaw at room temperature. A restaurant is required to thaw frozen food in the refrigerator to slow bacteria growth.

Cleanliness was also an issue at the eatery. The inspector noted in the health inspection report that an employee was seen drying their hands on an apron. That is not allowed since aprons are usually dirty. While soap and water is the better alternative, no soap was found at the hand sink beside the food preparation table.

The dishwasher also issues. No sanitizing solution was found in the machine. The manager was instructed to add solution immediately.

The health inspector has already returned to the restaurant for a follow-up inspection. The original violations have been corrected and the new score is a 91.

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