KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Cumberland County restaurant received the lowest health inspection grade this week after improper hygiene and other issues were found.

Crossville’s Tokyo Steakhouse on South Main Street received a score of 72, which is a passing score; anything under 70 is considered failing. The steakhouse was reinspected and received an 88.

Improper hygiene was the issue as a worker was observed cleaning up the kitchen, then without washing his hands started preparing food. Handwashing is required when changing tasks. Along with that, no soap was found at the kitchen hand sink which is required to properly wash your hands.

Dawn dish detergent was found stored over Teriyaki sauce, which is the wrong place for it to be stored. You may do that at home, but at restaurants, detergents, or any chemical, are supposed to be stored far away from food to prevent any surprises. Next, a wiping cloth used to clean tables was found stored in water with no sanitizer in it. Sanitizer is required to properly clean the tables.

No reinspections are necessary for a top-scoring restaurant — below are the best grades of the week.

  • In downtown Knoxville, the popular Yassin’s Falafel House, 100
  • In North Knoxville, The Amber Restaurant is also perfect, 100
  • Maynardville Highway, Captain D’s, 100
  • Sunrise Deli, again on Maynadville Highway, 100
  • Taco Bell on Millertown Pike in Knoxville, 100
  • KFC on Millertown Pike, 100
  • Mahalo Coffee Roasters in Powell scores a 99
  • Cinco Amigos in Loudon on Mulberry Street scores a 99