KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Nearly 10 critical violations were noted by the inspector at the lowest scoring restaurant in this week’s edition of Food for Thought.

The Blackhorse Pub & Brewery on North Hall Road in Alcoa received a 75 which is passing as a grade below 70 is considered a failure.

Blackhorse Pub & Brewery, 441 N. Hall Rd, Alcoa — Grade: 75, Follow-up Grade: 95

At the dishwasher, the inspector watched an employee load dirty dishes and then start handling clean dishes without washing his hands first. An unlabeled chemical spray bottle was found on top of the dishwasher. A label describing the contents is required to prevent any surprises.

Salmon fillets were found being thawed while still in their vacuum package, which may not seem like a big deal, but the vacuum package should have been pierced to let it breathe and prevent any toxin formation.

Moreover, the inspector writes there was an excessive fly issue in the kitchen. The restaurant’s pest control was on top of it, but flies were still around during the inspection. When a can opener was checked, the inspector wrote it was “grimey.”

Finally, some employees’ drinks were found on food preparation tables and cutting boards. Drinks are supposed to be kept far away from where the food is prepared.

The inspector has returned to Blackhorse Pub and Brewery in Alcoa for a re-inspection. All of the original critical violations were corrected. The new grade is 95.

Top Scores of the Week

  • Knox Brew Hub, 421 Union Ave., Knoxville — 100
  • The Lunchbox – Bearden, 5005 Kingston Pike, Knoxville — 100
  • Victor’s Taco Shop, 2121 Cumberland Ave., Knoxville — 100
  • Dunkin Donuts, 4829 Broadway, Knoxville — 100
  • Long John Silvers, 2562 Morris Blvd., Morristown — 100
  • Wiseeye Sports Bar/Restaurant, 7387 Plateua Rd., Crossville — 99
  • Hardee’s, 1219 Congress Pkwy., Athens — 100
  • Shoney’s, 339 Folks Of The River Pkwy., Sevierville — 99