Live, dead roaches lead to failing grade at Knoxville restaurant

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Live and dead roaches sunk the health inspection grade for an East Tennessee restaurant this week.

Osaka Hibachi & Sushi, 3349 Sutherland Avenue – Original Grade: 53, New Grade: 83

This is the lowest score we’ve seen in more than a year. Below 70 is considered unsanitary by the health department.

The inspector writes a dead roach was found squished in the soda dispenser spigot. There were also both dead and live roaches throughout the kitchen. The restaurant’s pest control company was called.  

The inspector also watched a kitchen worker touch raw shrimp, then handle food without washing his hands. Frequent hand washing is required for kitchen staff especially after handling raw meat which is filled with bacteria.  

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Also at Osaka Hibachi & Sushi, no soap or towels were found at kitchen hand sinks. They’re required so workers can wash and dry their hands.

When checked, the inspector writes the dishwasher was not pulling any sanitizer.

Shrimp and chicken were left out thawing at room temperature, but the refrigerator is the safe place to thaw frozen food to contain bacteria growth.

Osaka Hibachi & Sushi has been reinspected and the new grade is an 83.

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