KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Loudon County restaurant had nearly a dozen violations marked down in its inspection report.

The grade at Vittorino’s Italian on Highway 72 North was just above failing with a 71. Any grade below 70 is considered a failure.

Vittorino’s Cucina, 2761 Highway 72, Loudon — Grade: 71, Follow-up Grade: 95

The inspector writes he observed a kitchen worker touching ready-to-eat food with his bare hands. Another kitchen worker was observed putting on a glove, but didn’t he didn’t wash his hands first as required by health rules.

When the inspector checked the dishwasher, no sanitizer was running thru the cycle. A sanitizing solution is required. The previously washed dishes were rewashed and sanitized.

Clean pans and containers were found stacked while they were still wet. In addition, the blade of a pizza cutter was bent and chipped. The light in the kitchen was not working according to the inspection report.

In the refrigerator, there were no date marks, or date of first use, for lasagna or ground beef. When ready-to-eat food is first prepared, the date of preparation is supposed to be marked and must be discarded, if not consumed within seven calendar days from the date of preparation.

Finally, the inspector writes the person in charge did not show managerial control because he couldn’t answer some of the basic food safety questions.

The inspector has returned to Vittorino’s Italian for a re-inspection. All of the original critical violations were corrected. The new grade is 95.

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