KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Mold and improper food temperatures led to a failing grade at a West Town Mall food court vendor. The violations led to several items being thrown away as a result.

Kichi Sushi & Noodles, 7600 Kingston Pike, Ste. 1328 — grade: 76; follow-up grade: 91

Kichi Sushi & Noodles scored a 76 on its initial health inspection. That is a passing score. Any grade below a 70 is considered failing. The eatery has already had a follow-up inspection.

The inspector noted cut produce in the cooler had mold on it. The food was immediately thrown out before it could be served. Mold was also found on kitchen equipment that comes into contact with food. The equipment was quickly washed, rinsed and sanitized.

The food prep and storage areas also had cleanliness issues.

Food temperatures were way off. Cooling noodles were at 69 degrees. A temperature of 41 and below is required for cool foods to stop bacteria growth. Sweet and sour chicken was also found to be too warm. Both the noodles and chicken were voluntarily thrown out by the restaurant manager.

The health inspector’s follow-up report found the original violations were corrected. The new score is 91.

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