EDITOR’S NOTE: Alice’s Diner had changed ownership in November, but due to a miss-communication, the health department said it had not been informed. The restaurant is now called Tracey’s Restaurant.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The diner with the low inspection score is in Knoxville. There were several critical violations that could potentially cause foodborne illness.

The grade is a 75 at Tracey’s Restaurant located at 4405 N. Broadway in Knoxville. 75 is a passing score. A grade of 69 and below is considered failing.

Tracey’s Restaurant, 4405 N. Broadway, Knoxville — Grade: 75, Follow-up Grade: 90

To begin with, the inspector writes he found moldy lemons and sour cream that had passed their expiration date for wholesome use. When checked, the inspector found no date markings on any ready-to-eat food. Date marking helps indicate when foods are no longer safe to eat. This helps prevent foodborne disease outbreaks.

Also, foods that were out of their original containers were not labeled, they are required to be.

There’s more. Food temperatures were off. The temperature of the sausage sitting out on a counter was 65 degrees. But 135 degrees and above is the proper hot temperature for holding food. Also, the cole slaw was at 45 degrees, but 41 degrees and below is the safe cold holding temperature. Both the slaw and sausage were thrown away.

In addition, when the inspector checked the food thermometer, it was broken.

The inspector returned to Alice’s Diner for a follow-up, and the original critical violations were corrected. The new reinspected grade is a 90.

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Restaurant health inspections are unannounced and are conducted every six months.