MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WATE) — The pizza restaurant with the low score is in Hamblen County. More than a dozen health violations were checked during the health inspection.

Roma Pizza 3, located at 247 East Morris Blvd., in Morristown, earned a 72. This is a passing score as any grade below 70 is considered failing.

Roma Pizza 3, 247 E. Morris Blvd, Morristown — Grade: 72

To begin, the inspector writes he observed an employee touch ready-to-eat pizza with his bare hands as he cut it. Gloves are required to be worn whenever any kitchen worker handles food. The pizza that was being cut was thrown away.

When the inspector checked the interior and exterior of the microwave oven it was soiled with food debris, the microwave is supposed to be cleaned regularly. They also found that there was damage to the floor throughout the kitchen area with areas of the baseboard missing.

The dishwasher had no sanitizer running through it but it is supposed to be in order to wash properly, clean and sanitize dishes and utensils. The inspector also wrote that utensils were being stored in stagnant 86-degree water, a temperature ripe for rapid bacteria growth. Cutting boards were also found to be damaged.

A pot of marinara sauce on the stove was at 100 degrees, however, 135 and above is the required hot temperature to prevent foodborne illness. The inspector writes that the manager could not tell them when it became too cold. The sauce was thrown away.

Finally, a pan of raw chicken held overnight was at 45 degrees. But 41 and below is the safe cool temperature. The chicken was thrown away.

This Roma Pizza restaurant will be reinspected soon.

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