SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A buffet in Sevier County earned a low health score this week. The inspector marked down half a dozen critical health violations in the report.

The grade is a 75 at Sakura Japanese Super Buffet on the Parkway in Sevierville. That 75 is a passing score. A grade of 69 and below is considered failing.

Sakura Japanese Super Buffet, 624 Parkway, Sevierville — Grade: 75, Follow-up Grade:93

To begin with, when the inspector requested to see the restaurant’s paperwork of parasite destruction for the raw salmon being served, the manager couldn’t provide it.

Why is this important?

Some species of fish may contain harmful parasites if eaten raw or undercooked. In order to ensure the destruction of parasites, fish may be frozen before serving as an alternative to cooking. Restaurants must keep written records documenting fish freezing and temperature times. During the inspection, the manager called the distributor to get the information.

The menu at Sakura Japanese did not contain a consumer advisor about eating raw or undercooked seafood, in this case, raw salmon. The advisor is required and must be marked with an asterisk reminding customers that consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, or egg may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

The cutting boards, on which food is prepared, were dirty. The inspector also writes a can opener blade was soiled with a heavy build-up of dry food. In addition, the inspector found that long metal selling, holding dry goods, was covered in dried food and spillage.

Since its initial inspection, Sakura Japanese Buffet has been reinspected. The violations were corrected and the new grade is a 93.

In Hamblen County, the inspector returned to Roma Pizza 3 on East Morris Blvd, in Morristown, it had a low health inspection score recently. The violations there were corrected and the new re-inspected grade is a 94.

Top Scores of the Week

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  • Balter Beerworks, 100 S. Broadway, Knoxville — 100
  • Petro’s Chili, 2 Market Square, Knoxville — 100
  • Five Guys, 7531 Barnett Way, Powell — 100
  • Captain D’s, 9335 Kingston Pike, Knoxville — 100
  • Vittorino’s Cucina, 2761 Highway 72, Loudon — 100
  • Chick-fil-a, 540 E. Emory Rd, Powell — 99
  • Ola’s Southern Cuisine 2, 7220 Chapman Highway, Knoxville — 99