KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A popular restaurant on Douglas Lake had to throw away 40 pounds of pork after an initial health inspection found it had been sitting out of the refrigerator for nine hours.

The violation was one of several that were marked off but have since been corrected.

Millstone Restaurant & Country Store, 1531 East U.S. Highway 25/70 — grade: 71; follow-up: 94

The original grade at the Millstone Restaurant & Country Store on U.S. Highway 25/70 is a 71. Any score below 70 is considered failing.

The health inspector found the wrapped pork butts were left on a preparation table for nine hours and had reached a temperature of 81 degrees. A temperature of 41 and below is the required temperature to stop bacteria growth and prevent foodborne illness.

Food storage was also an issue. Raw eggs were being stored in the fridge above cooked ribs. Raw food kept above cooked food creates the potential for cross-contamination. The raw eggs were moved to the bottom shelves.

Two severely dented cans of marinara sauce were also found in dry storage. Dents in canned food can potentially spoil the contents. The cans were removed.

Finally, there was no written safety notice in the menu about eating raw or undercooked food. The reminder must include an asterisk by the menu item and a footnote. All establishments that serve raw or uncooked animal foods or unpasteurized juices and milk are required to post the consumer advisory.

The inspector returned to Millstone Restaurant a week later and all the original violations were corrected. The follow-up grade is a 94.

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