Rat droppings found in flour at Dandridge restaurant

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Dirty rags, rat droppings and spiders were found at the two lowest scoring restaurants during health inspections this week.

The lowest score of the week came from a restaurant in Crossville.

Dynasty Asian Cafe, 229 Interstate Drive, Crossville – Grade: 77

Dynasty Asian Cafe scored a 77, a passing score. The health department considers a grade below 70 as “unsanitary.”

There are 59 items closely observed by inspectors as they check restaurant kitchens and dining areas.

In the health inspector’s report, violations included the absence of a “consumer advisory” warning customers about eating raw or undercooked food on the menu. The Food and Drug Administration requires that the advisory be printed in the menu.

In the kitchen the inspector found wet and dirty wiping cloths used to clean customer tables on the food preparation table. When checking wiping cloths that were in a bucket, there was no sanitizer in the water as required.

Food debris was also scattered on the floor, walls and equipment in the kitchen. Dynasty Asian Cafe in Crossville will be reinspected soon.

Angelos at the Point, 122 Boat Dock Drive, Dandridge – Grade: 79

The next lowest grade was recorded at Angelos at the Point. The restaurant scored a 79, a passing grade.

Rat droppings were found in a 20-pound container of flour. The container was thrown away.

As the inspector checked other areas of the restaurant more rat droppings and live spiders were found. The inspector suggester that the restaruant call an exterminator company.

Clean utensils were found stored with dirty utensils and the ice machine was dirty. A potato dicer hanging in the prep area was also dirty. A reinspection is expected soon.

A week ago the Place at the Mall at College Square Mall in Morristown scored an original grade of 73. It has been checked a second time. The new score is 92.

Top scores of the week:

  • Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro, 137 Apple Valley Way, Townsend – Grade: 100
  • Chick-fil-A, 144 Foothill Mall Drive, Maryville – Grade: 100
  • Taco Bell, 2612 Alcoa Highway, Alcoa – Grade: 100
  • Subway, 2919 Old Knoxville Highway, Alcoa – Grade: 100
  • Arby’s, 7000 Maynardville Pike – Grade: 100
  • Chicken Coop, 1147 W. Union Valley Road, Seymour – Grade: 100
  • Hardee’s, 11306 Chapman Highway, Seymour – Grade: 100
  • Cadillac Grill, 108 N. Gateway Ave., Rockwood – Grade: 100
  • Krystal, 1811 Roane St., Harriman – Grade: 100
  • Bush’s Family Cafe, 3901 Highway 411, Dandridge – Grade: 100
  • Pal’s, 104 Mossy Creek Drive, Jefferson City – Grade: 100
  • Ride Royal Blue Restaurant, 6307 Stinking Creek Road, Pioneer – Grade: 100

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