KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Food was thrown away and seafood was found thawing in a bucket during a recent health inspection at a Mexican restaurant in Morristown. A number of critical violations were checked off by the inspector.

El Charrito 2, 2325 E. Andrew Johnson Highway, Morristown — score: 76; follow-up score: 90

El Charrito 2 scored a 76 during its initial inspection. That is a passing grade. A score below 70 is considered failing. The restaurant has already had a follow-up inspection.

The health inspector says shrimp were found thawing in a bucket of standing water. To prevent bacteria growth, frozen food should be defrosted either in the refrigerator or by running cold water on it from the tap – not standing water.

The refrigerator also had issues. Tamales and cooked chicken did not have date marks in the fridge. That date is required to be marked on ready-to-eat food when it is first prepared.

Diced tomatoes and cooked chicken as also found at 45 and 46 degrees, respectively, after sitting in the cooler overnight. The proper holding temperature is 41 and below to prevent potential foodborne illnesses. The food was ordered to be thrown away.

Salsa was also found sitting out at room temperature. It should have been in the cooler.

After some spot training, the inspector returned 10 days later. The restaurant scored a 90 and all the original violations were corrected.

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