Recently-opened Knox County restaurant earns low health inspection score

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One of the low scoring restaurants this week had just recently opened. The inspector spent nearly an hour checking the place and doing a lot of training.

Tomo Poke Bowl, 10756 Hardin Valley Road – Original Grade: 73, New Grade: 99

A score below 70 is considered unsanitary by the health department.

In his report, the inspector wrote that employees were unaware of the five symptoms of illness. They’re required to know them so no one goes to work sick.

At an employee hand sink, the inspector found no soap or towels. As a result, the employees couldn’t properly wash and dry their hands as required.

There was also an uncovered cup in the kitchen. It’s okay for employees to sip drinks while they’re working. However, drink cups are supposed ot have a top and a straw to prevent any accidental spills on your food.

Tomo Poke Bowl has been reinspected and the grade has been upgraded to 99.

Sam and Andy’s West, 11110 Kingston Pike – Original Grade: 78, New Grade: 97

The manager was first observed running the cash register. He then started to prepare food, according to the inspection report, but did not wash his hands first.

The inspector also found ready-to-eat lettuce stored in a cardboard box. That’s the wrong place, and the box was not exactly clean.

Finally, date marks were missing from some ready-to-eat food in the refrigerator. Placing the date of first use is required to eliminate any guessing as to the food’s freshness.

Top Scores of the Week:

  • Barley’s Taproom, 200 E. Jackson Avenue – Grade: 100
  • Central Depot, 103 W. Depot Avenue – Grade: 100
  • Time Warp Tea Room, 1209 N. Central Avenue – Grade: 100
  • Hexagon Kitchen, 1002 Dutch Valley Drive – Grade: 100
  • Club XYZ, 1215 N. Central Avenue – Grade: 100
  • Susan’s Happy Hour, 1482 Amherst Road – Grade: 100
  • Inskip Grill, 101 Inskip Drive – Grade: 100
  • Ham N Goody’s, 314 S. Northshore Drive – Grade: 99
  • Buddy’s Bar-B-Q, 5806 Kingston Pike – Grade: 99
  • Subway, 446 Cedar Bluff Road – Grade: 99
  • Cool Bean Restaurant, 1817 Lake Avenue – Grade: 99
  • Waffle House, 103 Stekoia Lane – Grade: 99

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