KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The restaurant with the failing inspection score is in Knox County. More than 20 critical violations were checked off in the report.

The grade is a 62 at Daddy Mac’s Down-Home Dive, on Campbell Lakes Drive in Knoxville. This is a failing score as any grade of 69 and below is considered failing.

Daddy Mac’s Down-home Dive, 11335 Campbell Lakes Dr, Knoxville — Grade: 62, Follow-up Grade: 87

To begin with, food temperatures were off. Raw wings, briskets and catfish were at 57 degrees, but 41 and below is the safe cool temperature to slow bacteria growth. On the other end of the temperature scale, macaroni noodles were at 97 degrees, but 135 plus is the hot holding temperature to kill bacteria.

Raw chicken was stored over cooked food, which creates the potential for cross-contamination of bacteria onto ready-to-eat food.

There’s more. The inspector found rodent droppings in the stock room.

When she checked the inspector found no date marks on some food. The date of first use is required to assure freshness. Finally, an employee’s drink cup and food were stored on a preparation table next to food equipment. This is the wrong place.

Now, the inspector has returned to Daddy Mac’s Down-Home Dive. The inspector notes in her report that management made “vast improvements” and “initiated significant changes.” The original critical violations were corrected. The new re-inspected grade is an 87.

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Restaurant’s health inspections are unannounced, they’re conducted every six months unless a customer complaint is made to a county health department, then a spot inspection will be made.