KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The first low-scoring restaurant is in Hamblen County. Half a dozen critical violations were checked off at this eatery.

The grade is a 71 at Golden Dragon Restaurant, at 3325 W. Andrew Johnson Highway in Morristown. That 71 is a passing score, as any grade below 70 is considered failing.

The inspector wrote he found frozen shrimp thawing in a wet mop sink. Frozen food should be thawed in the refrigerator. Also, the inspector found shrimp sitting in a dirty drain with food and other debris around it. In total, 40 pounds of shrimp were thrown away.

The inspector also wrote that food was found stored on the floor throughout the kitchen. Food is supposed to be kept up on shelves.

Now the Golden Dragon has been checked a second time, the original violations were corrected, and the new score is a 90.

Another low grade in this round of inspections was Mamma Mia’s Italian Restaurant in Sevierville. It scored a 76, again that’s a passing grade.

Near the food preparation table, the inspector found roaches under plastic containers used to keep dry goods off the floor. Also, near that food prep table, bags of dry goods were stored on the floor. They were put back up on shelves.

Finally, an upright cooler was not at the correct temperature, it was at 46 degrees, which should have been 41 degrees. 23 pounds of food left overnight in the cooler were thrown away to prevent the possibility of foodborne illness.

The inspector has returned to Mamma Mia’s Italian in Sevierville. After checking the original violations, they were corrected and the new grade is an 86.

Top scores of the week:

  • Buddy’s Bar BQ, 3700 E Magnolia Ave — 100
  • McDonald’s, 7545 Mountain Grove Dr — 100
  • Mahalo Coffee Roasters, 1317 E Emory Rd — 100
  • Neighborhood Chef on Broadway Avenue in Maryville — 100
  • Melting Pot Restaurant, 111 N Central St — 100
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill, 1713 Parkway — 99
  • New Orleans Sandwich Company,631 Parkway — 99
  • KFC on Highway 66 in Rogersville — 99