South Knoxville seafood restaurant has food thrown away by health inspector

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A South Knoxville seafood restaurant scored the lowest score this week in part to missing tags and “poor” food.

La Bamba Seafood, 2619 Chapman Highway – Original grade: 77; new grade: 92

La Bamba Seafood, 2619 Chapman Highway, just across the Tennessee River in South Knoxville scored a 77. That’s a passing score. Below 70 is considered “unsanitary” by the health department.  

Restaurant inspections are unannounced and they’re conducted every six months. The inspector checked off a number of food safety violations in his report.

The inspector found spoiled lentils in the cooler and “unsound food” in the freezer. The spoiled and poor-conditioned food was thrown away.

No marks or tags were found on mussels. Tags are required records for seafood restaurants. The records must be kept for up to 90 days in the event of a shellfish-related illness.

While checking in the cooler, the inspector also found uncovered bags of food on the floor. Food is required to be on shelves in the cooler.

When the inspector checked throughout the kitchen, equipment was found on the dirty floors, according to the health report.

In the ladies’ room, the inspector writes just a trickle of hot water came out of the faucet.

La Bamba Seafood has since been reinspected and corrections were made. The new score is 92.

El Mariachi Loco, 603 Emory Road – Original grade: 69; new grade: 93

Just before the holidays, El Mariachi Loco scored a failing grade of 69. The Mexican restaurant in Powell has been checked a second time. The restaurant passed its inspection. The new grade is 93.

Top scores of the week:

  • Lighthouse Knoxville, 6800 Baum Drive – Grade: 100
  • Soccer Taco, 9 Market Square – Grade: 100
  • The Phoenix Fountain, 418 Gay St. – Grade: 100
  • Love That BBQ, 1901 Maryville Pike – Grade: 100
  • Lamp Post Restaurant, 4218 Highway 411, Madisonville – Grade: 100
  • Pizza Inn, 1501 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge – Grade: 100
  • Waffle House, 326 Illinois Ave., Oak Ridge – Grade: 100
  • Burger Station, 1881 Griffin Drive, Harriman – Grade: 100
  • Duncan’s Cafe, 710 Locust St., Knoxville – Grade: 99
  • Habaneros Mexican, 118 Joe Owns Road, Clinton – Grade: 99
  • Cracker Barrel, 110 Witt Blvd., Athens – Grade: 99
  • Partners Pizza 1276 Knoxville Highway, Wartburg – Grade: 99


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