KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The low-scoring restaurant is in Cocke County. The inspector found half a dozen critical violations that could cause foodborne illness.

The grade 70 at China 1, at 133 Western Plaza Way in Newport. That 70 is a passing score is just passing as a grade of 69 and below is considered failing. There has not yet been a follow-up inspection

China 1, 133 Western Plaza Way, Newport — Grade: 70

To begin with, the inspector found food temperatures were off. In the cooler, 56 degrees was the temperature for Tuna and Salmon, but 41 and below is the safe cool temperature to slow bacteria growth. A half pound of tuna and a half pound of salmon were thrown away.

In the food preparation area, the inspector watched an employee drink some Red Bull, however, the drink was not contained in an approved cup with a lid and straw, which are required to prevent the drink from potentially spilling onto food.

When he checked the cleanliness of the cooking equipment, the inspector writes the top and sides of the pots and pans were dirty. The inspector also found a dirty wiping cloth sitting on a food preparation table. It belonged in a sanitizer bucket, not on a table where food is prepared. When he checked the blade of a can opener, that was supposed to have been cleaned, the inspector found food debris stuck on it.

Finally, the inspector writes the person in charge, the manager, could not answer basic food safety questions. But the manager is supposed to know them and pass the information along to employees.

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Restaurant health inspections are unannounced, they’re conducted every six months unless there’s a customer complaint that may prompt an immediate spot inspection.