West Knoxville restaurant fails health inspection

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A number of violations were found at a West Knoxville restaurant this week leading to a failing score. Several infractions were risk factors that could potentially lead to foodborne illness if not corrected.

Bombay Palace, 10901 Parkside Drive, Knoxville – Grade: 67

Bombay Palace on Parkside Drive scored a 67. The health department considers a grade below 70 as “unsanitary.”

The dishwasher was not sanitizing dishes and utensils. Bugs were also found around the dishwasher.

The inspector watched a kitchen worker dice tomatoes with her bare hands, but gloves are required when handling food. Kitchen workers were also seen not washing their hands after preparing food, a critical requirement.

Points were also deducted for a dirty kitchen and soda nozzles.

Dents were found along the seams of some canned food in the storage area. The dents can potentially break the seal and spoil the contents.

Ready-to-eat food had no dates made on them. The date of first use is required to be marked on food held in the refrigerator. A reinspection is scheduled soon.

Asia Kitchen, 8511 Kingston Pike, Knoxville – Grade: 71

The next lowest inspection grade this week was a 71 at Asia Kitchen on Kingston Pike. That is a passing score.

The manager was unaware of employee health rules. The supervisor is supposed to know the rules and be able to train the employees on safe health practices.

No dates were found on ready-to-eat food in the fridge.

When the inspector checked the dishwasher, it was dirty and had no chlorine running through the rinse cycle.

Other items in the kitchen, including equipment and the floor, were “filthy.” A follow-up is expected soon.

Top scores of the week:

  • Bonefish Grill, 6610 Kingston Pike Grade – 100
  • McDonald’s, 327 Lovell Road – Grade 100
  • Cafe Vicolo, 625 Gay St. – Grade: 100
  • Kaizen, 416 Clinch Ave. – Grade: 100
  • Outback Steakhouse, 402 Illinois Ave., Oak Ridge – Grade: 100
  • McCloud Mountain Restaurant, 2012 McCloud Trail, LaFollette – Grade: 100
  • Mountain Eagle Grill, 631 Parkway, Gatlinburg – Grade: 100
  • Red Oak Bistro, 669 Glades Road, Gatlinburg – Grade: 100
  • Public House on High, 321 High St., Maryville – Grade: 100
  • Five Guys Burgers, 2018 Hamilton Crossing, Alcoa – Grade: 100
  • Waffle House, 2255 Andersonville Highway, Clinton – Grade: 100
  • Linda’s Cafe, 440 Isbill Road, Madisonville – Grade: 100

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