KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The former fleet services manager for the Knox County Sheriff’s Department has pleaded guilty to one count of official misconduct.

Ronnie Kidd pled guilty on Tuesday to one count of Official Misconduct, a Class E felony. Kidd was put on administrative leave in May before he resigned last month as part of a plea deal.

The recommended sentence is two years as a Range I offender. This will be served on State Probation. It was a condition of his plea that he resign from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

Kidd has asked to receive judicial diversion, but the state will oppose that request at a sentencing hearing set for Dec. 11.

Knox County Sheriff Tom Spangler will hold a press conference on Tuesday at 3:30 to address the Kidd case.

Fleet Services manage all KCSO vehicles at their own garage.

What prosecutors say happened:

During court proceedings on Tuesday, prosecutors said that Ronnie Kidd was involved in a plot to steal the owner of Sam and Andy’s Deli in Knoxville, Christopher Captain’s Bentley Continental — which would then be reported by Captain as an insurance loss back in the spring of 2020.

Evidence showed that Kidd would have Joshua Caleb Haynes steal the vehicle.

Prosecutors said that Kidd knew Haynes prior to the crime when he had him working on the fleet cars while he was in custody (as he was a skilled mechanic).

Kidd then arranged for Haynes to be bonded out of jail, that way he would be able to carry out the car theft.

On the day the theft occurred in April, Kidd texted Captain, “Tonight.” At that point, the keys were left in the vehicle at Captain’s home, which allowed Haynes to steal the car, and Captain report it as stolen.

Shortly after the theft, Haynes was found speeding with the stolen Bentley soon after in Grainger County.