SURGOINSVILLE (WATE) – Four people were arrested Friday after the discovery of meth and guns in an apartment in Hawkins County.

Upon arrival, deputies were met up on scene by a bail bond agency who told the officers they were there in reference to a wanted person.

The bondsman said while they were there, they found Ace Rose and William Felty passed out in a vehicle in front of the apartment.

They were eventually able to wake the two.

While searching the car, nearly 100 small zip lock baggies, electronic scales, glass pipes, brass knuckles, marijuana and other drug paraphernalia were recovered. Deputies also seized around $700 and multiple cell phones.

Upon entering the apartment, the deputies found Melissa Ann Smith and Nickey Hatcher.

Smith initially gave false identification by presenting a Virginia driver’s license that was not hers.

During a search of the apartment, deputies seized 3 loaded handguns, around 2 ounces of methamphetamine, marijuana, drug ledgers, syringes and around &1500 in cash.

Investigators believe Rose and Felty came to the apartment to obtain and sell methamphetamine.

All four were arrested and booked in the Hawkins County jail.

While at the jail, a correction’s officer found a concealed bag of meth on Hatcher. Upon locating it, Hatcher was able to grab the bag and attempted to eat the meth.

All four are facing multiple charges.

Ace Rose