KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Los Arcos Nightclub, the Copa Cobana and most recently Club DeJaVu are just a few business at the same location, that were shut down after they were linked to criminal activity. Club DeJaVu, located at 2619 Chapman Highway, was closed under Tennessee’s nuisance law Friday.

“It has been a haven of violence, a haven of illegal drug abuse and this was going on in front of the owners with the knowledge of the owners. That’s why we’re shutting the place down,” said Deputy District Attorney General Kyle Hixson.

The owner of the business, Kevin Cherry, said he doesn’t believe the club is a nuisance and he plans to fight the injunction and hopefully reopen the club, but those that live around the club said the location a haven for crime.

“It was going to happen eventually. Every place that’s been there, same result.,” said Jacob Ginter. Ginter and his roommate, Matthew Mugan, live near the club and said they have seen the business change hands and names over the years.

The nuisance closure was requested by the Knox County District Attorney’s Office and Knoxville Police Department following a months long investigation. “It just has been kind of an epicenter for bad things to happen at night and we’ve been close enough to that to where we heard the shots that night and went back inside for fear,” said Mugan.

There was a gang-related shooting that happened at the club on March 26. Police said a fight broke out inside the club, then moved to the parking lot. There were no injuries, but the 55 rounds investigators found broke windows at the Disc Exchange and Allen Sign Company and damaged five vehicles.Related:Knoxville Police investigate fight, shooting at Club Dejavu in South Knoxville

Full statement from Club DeJaVu owner Kevin Cherry:

Dejavu is not a nuisance and is a popular and growing business that does not encourage violence gang activity nor drug use. We flew under the radar for two and a half years until we were told we could no longer have Knox County Sheriff’s Office doing security in our parking lot. With no explanation to why we also contacted Knoxville Police Department to do security in our parking lot. We were also denied with no explanation to why. The gang task came to Dejavu every weekend in January and February and were welcomed with open arms