INDIANAPOLIS (WTTV) – Porch pirates in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis are getting too rampant for “Good Bones” star Mina Starsiak-Hawk. This weekend she got creative in her efforts to prank those responsible.

Starsiak-Hawk says the thefts have picked up over the last few weeks, and she and her husband have been hit at least four times recently. When she got fed up, she looked to the internet for help. The HGTV star began buying fake mail off of Amazon, which included glitter bombs and spider pranks.

“God, I wish I could be a fly on the wall when the glitter bomb goes off. You get glitter bombed in the face, and it’s going to be stuck on you for a hot minute,” laughed Starsiak-Hawk. “I’m not trying to get anyone arrested or in trouble. I’d just like them to stop taking our stuff.”

Soon she is installing a motion-sensing foghorn on their porch. She hopes the comical approach will allow the thieves to get the message without too much harm.

“A lot of these people are people who need help, so be aware of your surroundings and community, and people who need help,” added Starsiak-Hawk, who often donates her time and resources to homeless efforts, “We are the first people to help if we know there is a need. I don’t know what your need is if you come and take the package with my kid’s pacifier in it at 3 a.m.”

She has another prank package lying in wait. Starsiak-Hawk expects to stop the fun once the thefts subside, however she may bring it back if the pirating returns.