BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — One Blount County family is grateful tonight after several good Samaritans saved their father’s life.

Sean Boyle is the son of Roger Thompson. 

“My dad served in the military for 20 years and what I can describe about my dad is that he’s a very genuine very sweet person,” he said.

Boyle adds that his dad is one of his best friends.

“I take him to Harrah’s Casino all the time and he loves it. He loves the slot machines,” he said.​

The 76-year-old loves to have a good time and was on his way to catch a flight over the weekend when his plans got delayed.

Heather Dye, Sean’s wife, and Thompson’s daughter-in-law said,  “We were on our way to a family vacation in New York City to take our daughter Reese for the first time and Pops (Thompson) was actually on his way to New York but to a different part of the state to a family reunion.”

They were all flying out of the same airport, McGhee Tyson.

“We pull up to the airport, we saw an ambulance out front, we didn’t think anything of it, and we parked our car, we walked in, we checked our bags and went through security,” Dye said. “And because it’s such a small airport me and Reece decided that we were going to see him (Thompson) before he took off to say goodbye and just say goodbye.”

However, the problem was they couldn’t find him. Their flight was about to take off, but they were getting worried. So, they decided to give him a call, but it didn’t Pops who answered the phone. It was a nurse at Blount Memorial Hospital. 

The nurse explained to Dye that a bystander had found him unconscious with no pulse in the parking lot.

Thompson had apparently suffered a medical emergency.

Thompson’s granddaughter Reese Land said, “ to see everything happen and it was just like really nerve-racking.”

Three members of the airport staff saw what happened and immediately started CPR.

Those airport staff members have since been confirmed as Airport security, Jeffery George, and two public safety officers Tanner Sise, and Lt. Larry Eastridge.

“For them to be there and to just take action like that to save his life is an amazing thing,” Dye said.

Today Thompson is recovering in the hospital. 

“You saved my father‘s life and I and I love him so much,” Boyle said in a message to airport staff. “Without you, he wouldn’t be here. So I appreciate it because they said that you had to find him pretty quickly so we just wanna thank you and he wants to thank you.”

His whole family is thankful for another day with pops.

“I was like I’d rather be here with my family than in new York because you know you can buy another trip but you can’t buy another life,” Reese said.

Thompson’s family says this incident has made their family want to learn CPR so that one day they may be able to return the favor of saving their family member’s life.