KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The City of Knoxville is calling on residents to nominate their neighbors for the Diana Conn Good Neighbor of the Year award. This award recognizes people who are working to make their neighborhoods better.

Previous winners of the award include people who:

  • Put up a little library and instituted a program to help neighbors improve their health
  • Organized fun activities that strengthened neighbors’ connections to each other
  • Brought neighbors and local authorities together to solve a neighborhood traffic issue
  • Used their own pickup truck to help neighbors haul items
  • Promoted residents’ investment in a historic house used as a gathering place for many local organizations

Diana Conn, an Old Sevier Community Group member, inspired the award. According to the city, she was an example of kindness, generosity and neighborliness. Conn was also the first recipient after she was posthumously honored in 2013.

“[The winners] are not self-promoters,” says Neighborhood Coordinator Debbie Sharp. “A key reason this award was created was to bring attention to those neighbors who are doing a lot of the work that makes neighborhoods great behind the scenes and without a lot of fanfare. We want to champion their achievements.”

Nomination forms are available at The deadline to nominate someone is Friday, Jan. 28. The winner and nominees will be recognized at the 2022 Neighborhood Conference, being held Saturday, April 2, at the Knoxville Convention Center.