Gourmet Market: ‘You’ll need a fork and knife to eat our biscuits’


KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Gourmet Market, in West Knoxville has created a new biscuit for the International Biscuit Festival.

“We’re one of Knoxville’s premier, best breakfast spots at Gourmet Market, so having a Biscuit Fest, obviously makes sense, to come down and showcase our biscuits,” said Carrie Tyler. “We created a brand new biscuit for this year and it’s actually going on our menu.”

Thomas Hollensed, a cook at the West Knoxville restaurant and market, helped create the biscuit, appropriately named “The Big Nasty.”

“It starts with a cathead biscuit, which is actually a biscuit that is as big as a cat head,” said Hollensed. “We’ve got basil on the bottom, we’ve got a spicy fried chicken breast after that and then we have ghost pepper cheese, a chipotle cream sauce, and the rest of the biscuit.” Hollensed said the entire biscuit is topped with a poached egg and it is good stuff.

Gourmet Market said they’re prepared to make hundreds of the biscuits for hungry participants, but if you didn’t get a chance to catch them on Biscuit Boulevard, their biscuit will be available in about a month at their restaurant.

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