Grainger County newlyweds flee Hurricane Delta’s path on honeymoon


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A local couple dodged Hurricane Delta.

The storm forced Grainger County newlyweds Hailey and Austin Seals, who were honeymooning in Cancun, Mexico, to evacuate.

They’re now back in Tennessee, sharing their story with WATE 6 On Your Side reporter Elizabeth Kuebel.

“We get to dinner and water is pouring through the ceiling on to the bar. And so that’s when we called my parents and we’re like, ‘Ok what’s going on? Do we need to get out of here?’ And they said yes, that a hurricane was coming our way,” Hailey explained.

Hoping to avoid Delta, the newlyweds cut their vacation short, heading to the airport the following morning. They say they barely made it onto the full plane.

“We’re very lucky we got there early that morning and got on an earlier flight, which just happened to be the last flight of the day,” Hailey said. “There were a lot of people that were not getting home. They were taking people to storm shelters in downtown Mexico. It was really sad just seeing people not able to get home, getting stuck there.”

After missing their flight from Atlanta to Knoxville, the couple drove to Chattanooga. That’s where they’ve been since.

“She’s super busy, I’m super busy all the time. So just to have a week of down time hanging out, it doesn’t matter if we’re in Chattanooga or Cancun, we’re having fun,” Austin said.

“Just be grateful for what you have,” said Hailey. “Even though we’re honeymooning in Chattanooga, some people might not get to go on a honeymoon in Chattanooga, so make the best of what you got.”

Hailey and Austin are making the best of it. They say they’ll stay in Chattanooga through Saturday – that’s how long they planned to be out of town on their honeymoon.

Most importantly, they are safe.

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