KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — In September of 1996 law enforcement agencies didn’t have a lot of information to help unfold what they needed to solve a case, after finding human remains in a wooded area just off Dale Road in Powder Springs.

“At the time I was a deputy sheriff for Grainger County in the fall of 1996,” James Harville, who is now the sheriff of Grainger County said.

He was one of the many officers who responded after two hunters came across the remains.

“Even at the time Grainger County didn’t even have 911, so that’s how long it’s been,” Harville said. “Of course, once we spoke with them (hunters) and did a preliminary approach to the area, we realized what the case involved.”

It’s a moment Sheriff Harville never forgot, and it became a case he checked on every few years.

“Throughout the years we have provided different types of pieces of evidence to the TBI,” he said.

Now there are some answers. The victim has been identified as Brenda Clark, who was 38 at the time. The discovery was made over 25 years later and this is all because DNA tests pointed authorities to Clark’s sibling who happened to be her twin sister.

After uncovering that information, it lead them to the rest of Clark’s family, which helped them make the confirmation.

“I always knew that of course, it was always somebody’s family member that’s out there that no one knows anything about, they’re always wondering,” Harville said.

The wondering can finally end as they are now a step closer to a closed case.

“I’m just thankful for the state agency, TBI and other agencies that have been involved in this case as the years went on, that they kept it as an active case,” Harville said.

TBI is now asking that you contact them if you have any information about this case, especially if you know anyone who may have been with Clark in the days before her death. Call 1800-TBI-FIND.