Grassy Fork Fire Department selling fireworks to fund station expansion


Fireworks sales have enabled one local fire department to build a brand new station. And this year, they’re hoping people will purchase more fireworks to help expand it.

For the 9th year, the Grassy Fork Volunteer Fire Department has opened up its fireworks stand.

More than 200 different types of fireworks are set up and ready to buy inside Station Two.

“It’s kind of odd a fire department selling fireworks,” said Chief Walt Cross. “This station would not be here without fireworks sales.”

The VFD is now holding their 9th fireworks stand. Clearly, the last eight were important – allowing them to build the station and buy two trucks.

“The money starting now we want to build onto the back and we’re planning on putting a day room, exercise room, bunk rooms where the guys can stay,” Cross said.

Every time someone buys fireworks there, they get a slip along with their purchase detailing some tips about how they can safely use their fireworks.

“We’re talking about if there’s children, the children not doing it. Or not to light things in their hands, to set it out,” said the chief.

At the stand, the fire men and woman have seen first hand the impact of community support. The new additions they’re aiming for now will be just as impactful.

“We’d like to have guys that can be stationed here in the evenings, on the weekends, or if I could have guys here all the time I’d be happy. If they can bunk in and take their turn. And to be able to respond out not having to respond from their home which could take a little extra time in that response time. Also having the exercise room to keep the guys fit,” Cross said.

Things, the chief says that will directly impact those fighting fires and help them do a better job.

The Grassy Fork Volunteer Fire Department will be selling fireworks until July Fourth. They’ll stay open from 8 in the morning to 10 at night.

And if you’re an active first responder or active military, they’ll give you a discount. You can find the stand at the VFD’s Station Two in Hartford: that’s at Exit 447 off of I-40.

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