Hamblen County deputy goes above and beyond to help community members escape house fire


HAMBLEN COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — A family is without a home after a fire on Saturday in Hamblen County.

The home is a total loss, but thanks to the quick actions of a Sheriff’s Deputy, irreplaceable items were pulled from the home before it was too late.

“To Serve and Protect” is a phrase law enforcement and first responders live by on a daily basis, but one Hamblen County Deputy went above and beyond his duties to help a fellow community member.

“I was actually on my way home,” said Deputy Donnie Davis, who’s been on the force for more than 11 years.

Davis was off the clock when he saw smoke coming from the roof of a home on Warrensburg Road.

“Got out of the car, as I was going to the front door I radioed dispatch to let them know where I was at, what was going on, and to get fire en route,” Davis explained.

Davis went to the front door to see if anyone was home.

“When we arrive we had an active basement fire that was quickly going to the first floor through the floor,” said Chief Ricky Purkey with the East Hamblen County Volunteer Fire Department.

Everyone was out of the home by the time the fire department arrived thanks to Deputy Davis but the family pets were still inside.

“A dog is a family to a lot of people, very close family, so he wanted to go back in for his dogs and deputy Davis decided to take that measure upon himself,” said Purkey.

Davis said, “got down and crawled across the floor, found cages, stood up, and got the last dog out.”

The quick action of another first responder saved the precious memories of a family member Chief Purkey explained, “The family son who had passed two years ago, coming up on two years ago, his urn was in the bedroom, the first bedroom in the household. So when safe, we sent one of our firefighters inside. She fit through the window and was able to get him and bring him two safety to the family.”

Deputy Davis said on and off the clock he’s always ready to serve the community, “I guess it’s just instinct when you do it long enough I guess you just want to help people as much as you can.”

There were no reported injuries and the cause of the fire is still unknown.

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