MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WATE) — A 16-year-old McDonald’s worker in Morristown was recognized by the fast food company after he went viral for an act of kindness.

Haiden Fultz was working at his first job in Morristown earlier this summer when he met Jason Mosier. Mosier said he stopped by the McDonald’s on his way home from work to get a couple of sandwiches and a small fry when his card was declined.

“[I] took my card out to pay for it and my card was declined, so I swiped it. It declined. Tapped it, it declined. And it happened to me before like a couple of times this year where my card had quit working. I was frustrated and Haiden took out his bank card and just like reached over the counter and slid his in.” Mosier said.

While he tried to stop the teen, Fultz ultimately paid for his meal, but Mosier insisted on giving him the few dollar bills he had in his wallet and said he would pay him the rest back later.

In an interview Wednesday, Fultz explained what was going through his mind when he paid for the meal: he just wanted to make Mosier’s day better.

“I know small gestures, they make people’s day better, so I was like, ‘Hey, I should help him out.’ Fultz said.

Instead of keeping the few dollars Mosier gave him, Fultz snuck the dollar bills back into Mosier’s bag and scrambled to find a pen.

“The receipt thing kind of just popped into my head. I was searching around for a pen everywhere. Then I wrote it, gave it back, didn’t let him know. And I was just like, I hope this makes his day,” he said.

After Fultz gave Mosier his bag, he took the food back to his truck. When he sat the food down, Mosier said the bag came open just enough for him to see the cash he gave Fultz and a note.

“He had written on the back of the receipt. ‘Have a blessed day.’ And so I just immediately just teared up. I was like ‘Oh, man, that is so sweet.’ You know, just really kind gesture for him to do that and I sat there for a minute and I’m like, you know, I got to go back in and get a selfie with this kid because that was just something that you don’t see every day.”

Mosier later posted that photo and a photo of his bag with the note on his social media, and from there, the post went viral. As of September 14, the post has gotten more than 43,000 likes and 37,000 shares.

Mosier and Fultz’s story has since been featured by outlets such as the Citizen Tribune, Newsbreak, and more media outlets.

On July 27, Fultz was surprised by McDonald’s with a celebration honoring his spontaneous act of kindness and reuniting Fultz and Mosier.

Since going viral, Fultz said life hasn’t changed much, but he does get recognized occasionally.

“It’s been kind of normal. Most people don’t recognize me. I get it like once in a while, but it’s… I’ve got one picture taken with me so far. Feels like I’m a celebrity, but so far it’s normal, it’s goin’ good.”

Fultz’s store manager also added that he’s a teenager with a big heart.

“He’s a good kid. He’s a normal teenager, of course. He’s always willing to do anything that you ask him to do,” said Store Manager Janice Latchford. “He’s got a big heart, and you know, he shows that.