MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WATE) — A Morristown woman is learning how to walk again after a car accident took the life of her unborn child and almost her own life as well. 

The accident happened back in December but Brianna Campbell’s life has been forever changed.

Campbell grew up in Morristown. 

“My mamaw and papa raised me from about two weeks old until seventh grade. I was in foster care and got moved around a lot until I aged out and came back home,” said Campbell.

She has a two-year-old son named Carson.

“Oh man, he’s a mess. He’s fun he’s always on the go boy. He helps me smile,” said Campbell.

Nearly nine months ago, Campbell found out she was pregnant again.

“When I found out I was pregnant I was nervous. I just didn’t know how I was going to do it alone and then I just adapted to it and then I was ready for him. I was so ready for him. I had everything he needed, and he was almost here,” she explained.

But then the unthinkable happened. 

“I was driving down the interstate, leaving Morristown going towards the Knox area in that direction, and it had been raining for a few days and it was raining really bad, and a semi had come over in my lane, and where the roads were so wet I went over into the ditch and I remembered feeling the fear I felt because my car wouldn’t stop.”

Campbell’s car went into a ditch and then into a cement wall. She was rushed to the emergency room where she had broken ribs, collapsed lungs, a broken back, and a broken foot. She had to have several blood transfusions and five separate surgeries including a c-section and surgery on her pancreas. 

She survived. However, her baby did not. 

“He had a heartbeat on the way to the hospital but then when we got to the hospital, his heart had stopped. They did the c-section, and then they kept him intubated, and then they pulled the plug and let him take his last breath with me. I wasn’t awake, but I will always be thankful for the pictures that were taken, so I’ll always have that,” said Campbell.

She says that they’ve already buried the baby who she named Jasper but she would like to buy him a headstone for his grave. 

She’s not able to work while she’s in physical therapy three times a week and she only had liability insurance on her car. The rest she’s having to pay out of pocket.

Campbell said that it’s her son that keeps her going. 

“Carson it’s a big one. I knew that he was a reason I had to get better and get out of the hospital and push myself to get up and go to groups and reach out for help.”

She wants Carson to know that his baby brother will always be loved.

Campbell has taken to social media to help cope with her loss, posting her story on social media in hopes to help others who have gone through similar situations. One of her posts has over a million views.