PIKEVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Randy May had a chance to plead his case in front of the parole board at the Bledsoe County Correctional Complex on Thursday, August 24.

To begin, Randy May spoke to parole board member Zane Duncan about why he should be released.

“I am responsible for all these things, I did it,” Randy May said. “I have always admitted that responsibility.”

May admitted to stabbing 16-year-old Mary Jones to death as well as stabbing 15-year-old Mitzi Sizemore and leaving her to die. May blamed the summer heat, an argument with his wife, and the gas prices for the reason why he says he snapped.

“In my time on the board I’ve heard a lot of defenses or justifications of reasons that people have committed crimes,” Zane Duncan, parole board member said. “Gas prices, I think is a new one for me.”

There were three people at the hearing showing their support for May. Over a dozen were in attendance voicing their opposition.

“I have had a nightmare day in and day out,” Mitzi told the board. “I can’t wear shirts because every time I take my shirt off I see my scars. He has basically dictated my life.”

Esco Jarnagin, who was the Hamblen County Sheriff at the time of the crime was also at the hearing, fighting for May to stay behind bars.

“I think his comments were garbage,” Jarnagin said. “I think they were desperate comments from a desperate man who wants to get out of prison.”

May make his final plea to the board.

“Be able to go out there and make somebody else happy and try to do some good in this world,” May said. “I tried to do that while incarcerated for the last 43 years and I hope to do that in the future.”

Ultimately, Duncan voted against May’s release.

“After reviewing your file and talking with you here today plus listening to the testimony both for the and your opposition,” Duncan said. “I cannot vote for your release today. “

The six other members still have to review the case, this hearing, and cast their vote on if they believe May should be granted or denied parole. This typically takes 14 days.