Harris County sheriff to bring a slice of Mayberry to the job


Sometime early next year, the folks in Harris County may think they are in Mayberry and not Hamilton.

The reason?

A relic from the past that Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley acquired.

The sheriff is now the proud owner of a vintage 1963 Ford Galaxie — just like the one Sheriff Taylor drove in the 1960s-era Andy Griffith Show.

The car was a Christmas present from Jolley’s wife, Cindy. Or at least that’s what the sheriff posted on Facebook this week.

Turns out he purchased the car in April but he never told Cindy. Then on December 21, he posted a picture of the car and said he needed that. 

Even though he already owned. Cindy started looking for one, only to find out the Sheriff already owned it.

But the old car will fit nicely on the roads of Harris County.

The sheriff says Cindy likes the car — and that’s what counts. And the car is in an east Alabama shop getting fixed up.

“I think the citizens up there will like the car,” Jolley said on Thursday. “I bought it myself. It’s not an office car. So, it’s not like I used tax-payer money.”

The Sheriff likes all things Mayberry, and John Wayne. Photos and memorabilia decorate his office in Harris County.

And he plans to bring the old car out of retirement when it gets out of the shop in a few weeks.

And it should work nicely on the roads of Harris County.

“It will be patrol ready,” he said. “It will have Mayberry on the side instead of Harris County, so I probably won’t do much traffic stopping in it. But in reality, Andy didn’t do much in it, either. I may have a Barney who wants to ride in it. But we will put a stop to that, I hope.”

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