CORRYTON, Tenn. (WATE) — Creepy clowns and skeletons were the perfect decor for one couple’s wedding when they decided to have their special day on Halloween.

“We like the skulls, we like Halloween, we like the dark, and it just seemed perfect,” said Angie Adderholdt.

She and her now-husband Chris have known each other for five years after they met at work. When they got engaged, they knew they wanted their wedding to be different from the rest.

“We’re very untraditional,” added Angie.

However, when their original plans fell through, an unlikely hero stepped in.

Craig Wolfenbarger was putting up signs for his haunted corn maze when he overheard Angie talking on the phone.

“She was crying at the gas station and said she couldn’t have her wedding and I just told her, ‘hey I have a place you can have a wedding if you want.’ She said, ‘well I can’t afford you.’ I said, ‘well you can do it for free.'”

Wolfenbarger is the coowner of the 13th Hour Haunted Corn Maze in Corryton. They’ve been in business for six years and he said this season has been a pretty good one.

Wolfenbarger said they’ve had weddings at the corn maze before for some of his employees and wanted to lend a helping hand to Angie and Chris.

“He saved the day,” said Chris.

“He did because we didn’t know where we were going to have it,” Angie added.

Grateful for the offer, Angie and Chris gladly accepted, but one item was a must for the couple.

“We wanted the Halloween wedding,” said Angie.

Chris added, “We wanted the fire, the pyrotechnics, all that good stuff.”

Wolfenbarger said, “I said, ‘well I got a big clock that shoots flames.'”

That clock was the centerpiece for their big day.

It was an untraditional wedding for an untraditional couple and the perfect wedding for the bride and groom.