KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Valentine’s Day industry is expected to reach approximately $26 billion this year. That includes everything from dinner dates, flowers, candy, chocolates and other expressions of love. If the commercials don’t make you feel like you have to go big, social media also can make you feel like your love life is lacking. For some that can take a toll on how they see themselves.

“I think because of all the marketing between looking at our phones with all the heart emojis and stories and even on my own personal Netflix lineup is all the love stories,” Kellyann Woodburn with Healing Hearts Counseling said. “If we can maybe explore what emotional stress may look like for most people, anxiety, shortness of breath, frustration, and all of these are some examples that could be coming out from people’s emotions.”

For those who are in a relationship, Woodburn says you shouldn’t expect your significant other to read your mind this Valentine’s Day.

“Unfortunately, we’re humans. We just don’t have that crystal ball that says ‘oh, let me in and I totally get what you’re wanting and needing.’ So, I think with good strong mental health and a good secure attachment with our person we’re comfortable in asking for what we need and want and it’s a safe place to do so. Because our partners are like ‘oh, yeah, I can’t read your brain. Tell me.'”

Woodburn also offered these additional tips: 

  • Find the love. If you’re lonely, communicate with a friend or family member that you are feeling disconnected this Valentine’s and ask to share the holiday together.
  • Next, communicate your expectations. A healthy relationship is one where you can say what you need or want without it becoming an argument.

“I think that if people are presenting their needs and wants around the holidays, and it presents arguments that’s showing a disconnect from your person, and if you’re disconnecting maybe that’s where reaching out to a professional or your family and friends because you should be able to share your needs and wants even around all the holidays really not just Valentine’s Day.”

  • Last, self-acceptance is key, whether you are in a relationship or not.

This year, Feb. 14 will be on a Tuesday. The day celebrating Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated annually.