KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Most people can relate to life sometimes becoming too hectic. We make time to prioritize our physical fitness but what about our mind? The practice of meditation can help improve your mental health.

Finding peace through sound, movement or just being still are some of the ways to calm the chaos of your daily routine.

Certified Yoga Instructor, Shanti Free’s name literally means “peace.” The daughter of two yoga masters, she has taught a number of healing arts, like yoga and reiki, for more than 27 years.

“We’re discovering more and more ways that we can lower our brainwaves into alpha [waves] and alpha is that state where we’re feeling awake and alert yet calm and relaxed. It’s a very beautiful state to be in, you know, [with] what’s been going on is vital, vital to learn how to meditate and there are 101 techniques,” said Free.

We often think of meditation as sitting quietly or chanting softly but Free says to find the way that works for you, and that could mean getting up and moving around. Free uses movement techniques, sound bowls and even vibration therapy to help her clients find the best way to tap into their center.

“In mindfulness training, which is one form of meditation, like mindfulness, this, you know, has become really popular. And it is that ability to observe our thoughts without judgment, and that’s, you know, it gets really tricky, right, because we’re constantly trained to judge, we’re conditioned to judge and so to watch your mind and not react to the thoughts that are, you know, showing up in your mind and to allow the thoughts to come and go.”

She also says while the practice of meditation is spiritual it isn’t religious. It can be as simple as being intentional about your actions.

“You can meditate as I said, you know, the art of being present, cultivating the art of being present, enjoying a meal, and really coming into your senses. Right? Enjoying your senses, seeing what you’re seeing, hearing what you’re hearing, smelling, what you’re smelling, and of course, you know, tasting when you’re having a meal. So, it’s giving yourself into that moment being fully present, with whatever it is,” said Free.

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