KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — It’s sometimes hard to find the time to work out or maybe you are just looking for something different. A fitness center is putting a twist on exercise, adding infrared heat to take your workout to the next level. 

Jen LeBus is the co-owner of HOTWORX in Fountain City,

“So HOTWORX is an infrared workout. “ LeBus said “It is like nothing you’ve ever done before. It is not hot yoga. It doesn’t just heat the air. It actually heats your body from the inside out. So, it is an amazing detox. It helps with sleep; it helps with inflammation.”

Client Talisa Cantrell has fallen in love with the workout, heating things up four times a week. 

“I’ve been working out here since the mid of April. It popped up as an ad on my Facebook and I’ve been looking for a place that had accessible hours to work out. I’ve been an entrepreneur, a busy one at that, for two years, and I wanted a stable workout routine that really worked for my crazy busy life,” said Cantrell.”

HOTWORX offers 30-minute isometric classes like Hot Pilates, Hot Core and Hot Buns or 15-minute-high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts like Hot Cycling and Hot Rowing.

“Like, we really do try to cater to people who are really busy because everybody’s busy, right? Especially now. People with kids, people will have jobs. So, some people work overnight. Some people work weird hours. So, this is open 24 hours a day. It’s also virtually instructed,” said LeBus.”

Manager, English Esway walked us through the fitness center. “That infrared is going to start heating your core. It’s actually going to start heating you up before you even feel warm. Okay, so it’s penetrating through your skin and it’s heating you from the inside out – so the outside in.”

Cantrell says it worked to her advantage. “I felt it for the next two days, but you know the heat and stuff in the saunas really make it so that it eases tension and muscle soreness so that you can go back every day. That’s something I was very surprised about,” said Cantrell.

You can adjust how hot your workout room gets. Classes run 24 hours a day so you can find one that meets your needs about every 15 minutes. There are three locations in Knoxville – Cedar Bluff, Fountain City and Hardin Valley. So, if you can take the heat, this could be the workout for you.