KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — At Inny’s Bake Shop in Knoxville the treats are decadent, and the food is rich in flavor. But there is something that is missing. It’s not the taste — it’s the carbs.

Owner Irum Mahmood was working from home during the pandemic when she went viral on social media — showing off her sugar-free baking when everything in her world just snowballed for the positive.  

“I was on TikTok, on Instagram and getting inspiration. My mom is a diabetic, so I’ve been baking with substitutes for her for a long time but I never really sold anything. But she has friends who were like, ‘we need to sell this.'”

With a background in food sciences, the University of Tennessee graduate student knew she was on to something.

“I just kind of contacted the health department on the morning of my 25th birthday. I got a business license, and it was $25. So it was like this is a sign.”

A sign that she was about to change what’s available to those living with diabetes.

“So, this is our apple pie filling. It has all the goodness. Cinnamon but instead of apple it’s squash and zucchini,” Mahmood said. “It’s a lot of ingredients. If you do low-carb baking, it’s a lot of ingredients, it’s a lot of ratios. And, you know, it just requires a lot of time, and a lot of people just didn’t have that time.”

This labor of love started with her mother, who had been working hard to manage her diabetes.

“Then also on her birthday, it was like me and my sisters were looking for a cake that was entirely sugar-free. We couldn’t find it. So, even on our birthday, it was like she couldn’t have a slice of cake that wouldn’t make her feel sluggish,” she said.

The sweetest joy comes from those who finally get to enjoy a taste of the foods they normally can’t.

“There are a lot of people who had even sent me a picture of their glucose monitor and they’re like look my sugar didn’t raise after this. It makes me so happy to see that this is a real need and that this is something that people are really, really into and I love baking, and you know, it’s just something that I am really passionate about.”

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