KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) —The anticipation of labor and delivery can be tough for new parents. A local organization is not only educating parents on how to plan for their new baby bundle but also advocating for safe deliveries through doula care.

Gennisi Charitable Birth Services, Inc is a Knoxville nonprofit that offers prenatal and postpartum support to families that cannot otherwise afford doula care.

Every mom-to-be dreams of a safe and quick delivery, but for some, the path from pregnancy to delivery can be overwhelming.

“I have a client now. She, she’s terrified. She calls me almost every week and she’s like, “I don’t want to go to a hospital” because she’s heard the story of some of her friends and even when they’ve not been supported and not being taken seriously during their births,” said Ty Roberts, certified doula, founder, and executive director of Gennisi Charitable Birth Services.

“Especially people that are in the Black or brown communities. to make sure we are answering the call of birth disparities in black maternal health issues that are in the area specifically.”

This has been Robert’s passion over the last year. Gennisi brings free and low-cost doula support to families.

“And having a doula by your side to kind of walk you through it and know that you are not alone. I’ve got you. I am going to watch you and take care of you so that we don’t end up in a situation where you’re fighting for your life.”

Roberts helps clients with their birth plan, pain management options, and even watching mom for those baby blues after birth.

“We make sure that you are eating, we make sure you are not running into any issues with postpartum depression.”

The charity also holds diaper drives to support families in need, advocating for families, even after the baby arrives.

Gennisi is accepting registration for its “Wholistic Beginnings Childbirth Classes.” Classes will be held in August, September and October. To register, click here.