Heating and air companies getting busy with hot temps setting in


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE)– Now is the time of year to go ahead and scheduled the yearly air conditioning unit maintenance, before this hot weather sticks for the summer months.

That’s according to Mike Conley, General Manager of Pioneer Heating and Air. He said in his call center employees are already taking phone calls left and right for people in need of repairs.

Conley said the uptick in business really started just a couple of weeks ago.

“Especially like this year, where it was cooler the week before, and then all of a sudden it just hit. People don’t realize the air is not quite as cold as it should be,” Conley said.

Conley said the calls often include issues where the AC unit froze or animals or insects chewed off the wiring. According to him, there are several ways to keep the cool air flowing and the repairs cost–or utility bill-down.

“Air conditioners are one of you biggest investments in your home, outside of probably your roof, it could be your second, first or second most expensive part to repair. So, go ahead and make sure you get those maintenance scheduled and take care of them,” Conley said.

He said those general maintenance calls are important, because his crews will be able to proactively clean and repair the unit before the summer heat sets in.

“The technicians are looking for problems that will arise during the summer and can head off a lot of those problems ahead of time,” Conley said.

Often, the biggest problem and easiest fix is replacing the air filter, said Conley.

“Change your filters on a regular basis. A dirty filter restricts air flow and it causes all sorts of issues inside the units,” Conley said.

He said that ideally, air filters should be changed out at least once a month. A good reminder, he said, is to switch it out when you receive your utility bill.

Speaking of the utility bill, he said a clean air filter can help keep the electricity cost down.

“If you have a hair dryer and the back of the hair dryer gets full of lint, and it’s harder to dry your hair because the air’s not coming out the other end, the same principle is true on the coil of air conditioners. You’re blowing the air across that coil and if it’s clogged up, with lint or you know, whatever it might be, any other type of debris, it’s harder to cool that air blowing across it. So, the cleaner they are, the more efficient they run, the less electricity they use,” Conley said.

Another tip from Conley is to clean the brush around the AC units, it’s important to make sure there is air flow around the unit for the coils.

When business starts to pick up during the summer, Conley said there’s no telling when his crews start work or when it ends.

“You just kind of, you go until the day is done,” Conley said.

He said that’s because they are non-stop busy.

But, Conley said, they will prioritize those who need the cool air the most, such as senior citizens, those with respiratory illnesses or those who have younger children in the home.

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