WAVERLY, Tenn. (WKRN) — In Humphreys County, especially Waverly, heavy rain and flooding are the last things people want to see for a long time.  

Unfortunately, seven to ten inches of rain Wednesday caused several creeks to rise out of their banks, flooding areas like Pumpkin Creek Road, Fork River Road, Bucket Branch Road and Span Loop. On Highway 13, several mobile homes had to be evacuated.  

On Pumpkin Creek Road, we spoke with homeowner Chassity McClanahan where a small levee broke along the creek.

“The rain started last night, and it got pretty heavy,” McClanahan explained. “And within a matter of probably 15 or 20 minutes, it was spilling over the bank and before we knew it the levees broke beside our house and we had rushing water across the back.  We had two to three feet of water here, the pool was flooded. There was basically nothing we could do.”

“We just stood on the porch and watched it rain. We got our cows and tried to move them to dry land,” McClanahan continued. “We checked on everything at the barn and tried to keep the kids calm and safe. They were a little paranoid about the rising water. We watched it, and watched it continue to rain. And after about an hour, the rain stopped in the water started receding.”

Although this flooding was not as widespread and devastating as the tragedy in August, some areas actually had higher water this time around.