How to beat the heat while staying outside


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – When the WATE 6 Storm Team forecasts a heat index in the triple digits, staying out of the heat might be tough.

For those who want to enjoy the outdoors while the temperatures aren’t favorable and possibly dangerous, there are ways to stay cooler.

Several cities around East Tennessee have splash pads at parks.

In Knoxville, people can enjoy splash pads at the World’s Fair Park or in Market Square.

Jeff Bagwell, spokesperson for the Rural Metro Fire Department, said people need to grab some shade if they plan on working or playing outside when it’s hot.

Fortunately, people can find several shaded areas at both World’s Fair Park and Market Square.

“Think about the time of day that you have to be outside working. Secondly is when you are (outside), take ample amounts of breaks to be hydrated and don’t sit in the sun. Get in the shade,” Bagwell said.

Bagwell said if people know it’s going to be extremely hot, they need to start drinking lots of water the day before.

He also said people can use those outdoor splash pads a special way for extra benefit.

“Anytime you can put cold water on you is good. There are certain points on your body, spots on your body where you specifically want to put cold packs,” Bagwell said.

He said those points are the armpits and back of the neck.

Others will take extra precaution and move their planned outdoor activities inside.

Matthew Bimstein, band director for Clinton High School, said he moves practice inside when the weather reaches a certain temperature outside.

“It’s tough. Weather is a big factor, so selfishly I want to go out there but I also know that it’s better if we spend our time inside working on the music and thinking about the drill. So, when we do go out there, we can put it all together,” Bimstein said.

He said it’s school policy to move practice indoors if it’s too hot, and to schedule plenty of breaks if it’s hot but not scorching.

“Marching band is a sport, so the physical activity that they are doing (they) can lose several pounds probably in just one rehearsal with how fast the music is, the tempo and then how much sweat your putting off your body,” Bimstein said.

He said student safety is always a priority, so if they have practice outside, he watches the students to make sure they are drinking plenty of water and not feeling ill.

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