How to know if a pool is safe


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – July in Tennessee means everyone is either near a pool or in one, begging the question, how do you know whether to get in if there’s a problem you can’t always see?

“It could look safe chemical wise – it may not be safe it could be very corrosive but be very clear,” said President of Campbell’s Pool & Spa, Tony Campbell. “It could have a stray current of electricity going through the water and you can’t see it which maybe sounds like what happened here, or it could be you know maybe we don’t know all the details on that it could’ve been a wire that fell in overhead.”

Campbell says if there’s no one in the pool yet, that could be your first indicator not to get in.

If you’re hesitant, you can always put the back of your hand in the water, Campbells says if it has any type of electrical current it’s going to knock your hand away rather than pull it in.

“… And see if there’s any overhead power wires or anything, because in the United States by code we have to be away from them per so many feet, well when you get into another country there may not be a code like that so they may have live wires going across a pool,” said Campbell. “While it may be safe at the moment – a windstorm, a branch, anything could happen and that wire drops down in there and it could be a catastrophe.”

In checking the surroundings of the pool you’re about to jump into, Campbell says to keep in mind the health department does inspect commercial pools.

“I would say locally, I have 100 percent confidence if our inspectors or health department has been involved in we’re not going to have any issues none whatsoever they just can’t the way I know how pools are designed and how they’re built by our local code and industry standards, it’s almost impossible for anybody to have any type of accident of what we heard of,” Campbell said.

A common rule of thumb is if you can clearly see a coin at the bottom of the pool, then it should be chemically safe to swim in. You can also ask to see the pool’s certificate of occupancy to ensure it’s up to code.

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