‘I’m not surprised’: Vols superfan reacts to Pruitt’s firing


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A longtime Vols superfan is sharing his reaction to Monday’s announcement that head coach Jeremy Pruitt was fired.

Earl Brown has been cheering on the Vols for several decades.

“I’m not surprised. I think it was time for a change,” said Brown. “It’s kind of been a disaster of a year. For the first time ever, it was kind of hard to watch some of the games. Of course, I was at all 10. But it was really hard to watch them at times.”

But that did not hinder Brown’s loyalty for his team. In fact, this past season, he celebrated a major milestone: 300 consecutive UT football games.

As a fan for decades, he has been through this before and has seen his fair share of coaching searches.

“I was probably the most optimistic with Pruitt, because of his experience and pedigree and the National Championship teams he had been on and coached on. I’m like, ‘Well I know he knows how to do things the right way. And how to get the team in the right way.’ But it wasn’t to be,” Brown said.

Still, Brown says yesterday was a sad day – he wanted Pruitt and Tennessee to succeed.

He’s now looking ahead to the future.

“Eternal optimist is that we are going to do things right. We are going to get a good coach in and get our game plans in place that are just and fair. Hopefully, there will be 100,000 people because the virus will be over with, and we can be back to normal in September. Judy and I will be in there with 100,000 of our friends, ready to cheer at the first game,” said Brown.

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