MAYFIELD, Ky. (FOX 56) – Multiple workers injured in the collapse of the Mayfield Consumer Products factory are filing lawsuits against the company.

Employees have reported they were told leaving the factory during the tornado would cost them their jobs.

Attorneys of the victims stated the allegations will include serious violations of worker safety laws as well as a massive cover-up scheme discovered in the past 24 hours.

Gov. Beshear is not taking these allegations lightly, stating the nature of the investigation will align with the seriousness of the allegations being made.

“If there are concerning reports either out of the candle factory or elsewhere, absolutely. The state, through the appropriate agency, will look through it,” said Beshear in his Dec. 14 press conference.

Beshear added, “Everybody is expected to live up to certain standards of both the law, of safety, and of being decent human beings, and I hope everybody lived up to those standards.”

The company that owns the factory is denying the reports.

Eight people died in the collapse of the facility.

Attorneys said the employees will share their stories of survival Friday on a live gospel-radio program.

The investigation is ongoing.

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