KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Innov865 Week is back with six new finalists — each with a new idea — for 2023.

The pitch competition finalists were chosen by the Innov865 Alliance to face off at 2 p.m. on September 12 for Startup Day 2023. This annual event will be held at Mill and Mine in downtown Knoxville.

The competition is held before a live audience and is free to attend. A panel of judges will decide on two winners who will receive a share of $10,000 in cash prizes.

Alex Stiles – Co-Founder and CEO, Vitriform3D

Stiles and fellow cofounder Dr. Dustin Gilmer started Vitriform3D as Ph.D. students at the University of Tennessee, bringing their research expertise together to find a solution to help keep glass waste out of landfills. At Vitriform3D, they are harnessing glass waste with a patent-pending method to 3D print synthetic stone from 95% recycled glass.

Anca Timofte – Co-Founder and CEO, Holocene

At Holocene, Timofte and her team employ organic chemistry to develop an efficient, regenerative CO2 removal system. Holocene is a direct air capture (“DAC”) technology developer and carbon removal service provider developing & deploying a scalable, low-temperature, aqueous carbon removal system that aims to deliver a meaningful dent in slowing and ultimately reversing, the effects of global warming.

Jonathan Halley – Founder, B Roll Bank

B Roll Bank is an AI-Powered Digital Asset Management software built for production companies that makes content easily searchable, and eliminates storage bloat.

Michaela Barnett – Founder, KnoxFill

KnoxFill offers a simple way to get necessary household products. Unlike traditional stores that offer soaps, detergents, and other personal care and household goods in single-use packaging, KnoxFill provides high-quality versions of these products in reusable, refillable containers. KnoxFillers, as KnoxFill customers are called, can bring their own containers and refill them with hundreds of zero waste, bulk options.

Trey Fisher – CEO and President, Orion Therapeutics

Trey Fisher is an industry expert in the field of drug delivery, particularly in the exciting area of LNP-RNA science. His passion lies in leveraging the potential of Orion’s novel platform to revolutionize drug delivery methods and improve patient outcomes.

Wade Austin – Co-founder and CEO, Farm Grub

Farm Grub offers a single shopping source for local farms and grocery brands. The company’s goal is to empower local farms, offer same-day delivery of fresh local groceries and give 15% of all profits to Second Harvest.